About Us

About Us

Insportsday website is an initiation by a team of players from Mensagam, now it’s being maintained by many other players, authors & entrepreneurs, With the same vision for sports, who joined together, actively casting this portal effectively with same spirit. Insportsday will serve as an effective platform to publish and discuss sports news.

We found out that people are struggling to get their sports gears online, Inspotsday will provide every athlete and sports personnel to select the best gear from various websites with the help of reviews from authors/customers in collaboration with players & entrepreneurs. Insportsday will also serve as a platform were people can share their own experience in products that will help fellow players.

The Best is yet to come- Insportsday not only being a platform for sports news publishing, it will also be the platform Were talent is being discovered it helps athlete and other players get a sponsor and sponsor’s to find out the right talent even from the corners of our country.

What made us?
We at Mensagam used to play during our weekends with our neighbors. At that time we developed discussion on how the sports culture has covered every genre like media, society, business & the government too. No sooner we realized that true talents are still large at stake and need to be identified, to help them achieve their goal, we decided that the only playable solution as “Insports Day”

To create a highly informative digital arena, where athletes & every sports personnel can have an individual portfolio in which they can showcase their skill and get them recognized to the world, with daily updates of sports news and constant communication with sports organizations, sponsors & public.