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The internet is like a ready reckoner in the world of today. Thanks to this tech marvel we can access sources of information and see videos streamed live within the precincts of our own cozy homes. This marvel is a boon to sports lovers, in a particular. There are various sites available on the net and you can accessthe sport of your choice without having to budge from your favorite arm chair or be subjected to rebuke by your parents for asking them to subscribe to a new cable channel which streams live the sport of your choice.

A sports buff can easily make a list of his favorite sports channels, catering to live coverage of different sports-basketball, horse racing, baseball, golf as well as indoor games like chess snooker, and caroms. This facility brings the game alive before you without your having to buy a ticket or jostle for a spot of advantage where you can sit and watch the game progress without any hindrance.

Here are few good sites that cater to different tastes

1) StreamSports:


This has been voted the best streaming website by bloggers and users alike.  You can watch alomst any game through this facility the games streamed live range from football,rugby, NBA and NHL. The landing page clearly defines the itinerary- the fixtures who plays who, when where and so on. This makes it easy for enthusiastic sports fans to find out whether a particular match will be streamed live or not. The greastest boon is that there are no ads in between the streaming to disturb concentration. So you dont have to put oyur hand on your head and say ‘OMG’.

2) LiveTv:


Live streaming is available in different languages like English, Russian Spanish or Italian. A live score  tab keeps is a favorite with those who have to move away from watching live sports to attend to the humdrum shores of day to day living. Remember mother can be a sports buff too and you will have to starve if thisfacility is not available for her she will probabaly then spend all her time watching her favorite sports forgetting the kitchen her usual workplace.

3) FirstRowSports:


This site is  a hot  favorite with mobile users. However it can be devastating for a fan if a vital link is lost and he his not bale to watch a game. All said and done this site is by far the most effective for mobile and tab users who require a little patience to re-establish a lost link or find an alternative site

4) StreamsHunter:



As its name imples this landing provides a good search place for finding live matches. The team behind this platform also suggest they are a top notch option for finding UEFA and Champions League streams. A site that provides users with choices or alternatives is always a welcome site .

5) StreamWoop:


The attraction of this site lies on its front page that has a chat room views can be freely exchanged . This is a popular site in North America so when-ever one is free, one only needs to take a look on the right hand side to get a view of all major sports being streamed live. It has met with a lot of approval on the part of its viewers.

6) Laola1 :


The best football streaming site, Laola1 is a favorite with many users. The advantage here is that high-quality matches are recorded here and these can be watched at leisure an added attraction is the lively discussions that are held on  hockey matches in particular.

7) Stream2Watch:  


Those interested particularly in hockey ,darts, field hockey and horse racing streaming will find this a cozy corner to be in . The dark background is easy on the eye for indoor spectators.

8)Feed2All :   


Are you a boxing, tennis, golf, snooker, handball, or motor sports enthusiast? Then this is the site for you. Ads scattered inbetween add to its attraction. Its background goes well dim-lit rooms and this a favorite site for European users.



This one is particularly for soccer fans – good for those who are unsure about what they want to watch too. For example winter, water, or motor sports such as Nascar or Formula One. Many links are available for each option.

10) SportLive:


This is a wonderful russian live streaming site though you could have a problem if you are not well versed in the Russian language. However you can play guessing gameswhile you watch to enbale you to understand the game you are watching.

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