Guest Post

Guest Post

The Journey is Endless!

Writing and publish content online is always joy full, Here is your opportunity to publish your article.
Is writing your passion?

Are you a blogger? And looking to give guest post your articles on sports and Entertainment niche, then you are in right sport.
We are welcoming bloggers, writers, PR publishers, News publishers, and Media people, those who want to publish content online can reach us.

Requirements for your guest post:

Here we have mentioned few of major important points, which we consider to approve your guest blogger account.

  1. Article must be written in English Language
  2. You should have detailed author bio profile on each article you publish.
  3. You should have your original photo on “Gravatar” profile (We will not approve your guest blogging request, if you don’t have gravatar)
  4. Don’t put your links inside the post
  5. Article should be 2000+ words of content.
  6. Structure your posts into paragraphs with headings and subtitles
  7. We are not allowing you to use any affiliate links in your posts.
  8. Feel free to link the post to relevant articles on Insports Day.
  9. Content should be highly unique, and should not be any duplicate content.
  10. Write for the audience and not search engines.
  11. Content should be a combination of image, video info-graphic and any other visual items. So avoid text only content in article.
  12. Once the article is published, you should have shared the published URL on your social profile, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler and so on..
  13. You will have to be very active in replying comments. (Must)

Advantages of publishing article on Insports Day:

  1. Insports Day has over “one million” Unique visitors per month. So it’s a wonderful place to publish your content to our visitors.
  2. You can get only one “do follow” back link from the article content.
  3. From your author bio you can get two (2) “do follow” back links from it.
  4. When you publish 10+ articles you are eligible to gets “100” Gift Voucher from Insports Day.