My Life with Pokémon Go

As an addict in playing video games, I have been playing video games since my childhood. The recent introduction of the Android Smartphone has made gaming very easy. It’s been since then I am very engaged in playing games in my Android device.

It was July 6th 2016 the day that got me mad, the most awaited game Pokemon Go was launched worldwide, sadly it didn’t reach India. I was one of the guys who felt very dis-appointed on not having this game in India.

My Life with Pokemon Go

The Turning Point:

I had an opportunity to attend the Digital Strategies Summit 2016 “Digitocas” at Cognizant Chennai on 15th july 2016. The spokes person asked a question there as “who all are having Pokémon Go?”

Everyone raised their hands and I was starring at them. This gave me the thought that it is not impossible to download and play the game. Fortunately the bright minded people have found a way to play Pokémon Go in India and my search ended quickly with positive results.

The Pokémon Go:

For the people like me in India here is a good news, As I’m from India other countries which didn’t get Pokémon Go might also have links like these. This is the place where you can download Pokemon Go and start playing, downloadPokémon Go in your PC, load it in your Mobile and then just go catch your Pokémon’s.

Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go game is the inspiration of the Game Boy released in the year 1996. It is developed by the popular insect collecting hobby of Satoshi Tajiri the executive director of Pokémon. The Pokémon Go is an UI based game where the pokemon’s are all spread across different geographical locations, we are supposed to go to different locations and capture all the Pokémon’s in our poke balls and complete the pokedex

What makes me go crazy?

The interactive UI in the game is just addictive and I was like clinging on to my mobile 24×7 going and capturing Pokémon’s and training them. The major benefit in the game is that it encourages us to travel. This makes us see different geographical location.

Pokemon Go Design

The UI is so addictive that I’ve been playing this game non-stop for so long.

The Marketing involved:

As a SEO analyst I also found out that Pokémon Go had some really brilliant marketing strategies followed by the team.

  • Approach a successful niche from a different angle

The team used the niche from 1996 a very successful one and modified it according to the new world scenario.

  • Validating the product Idea before launch

The team after developing the Pokémon go didn’t go for a worldwide launch. Instead they launched the game in Japan, asking local players to play and fined tuned the game based on their feed backs.

  • Usage of Mob mentality

The mob mentality describes how people blend in to actively doing a single stuff. If all of your friends are playing Pokémon Go wouldn’t you feel alone? This causes you to download the Pokémon Go and start playing it.

With these Marketing tricks the team successfully developed more users to Pokémon Go than to any other social media site.

Safety Measures:

Capturing Pokémon’s can be dangerous in digital life as well as in real life. Since Pokemon Go requires users to physically access geographic information. It is necessary that people take the precautionary measures while standing in roads. I have been playing Pokemon since its time of launch, whenever I go out I make sure that I do not stand in middle of the roads getting excited about my catch and I’m fine playing the game happily.

Last but not the least:

Pokémon Go has been such an addictive game for me as I’ve been playing it from its launch. The team also thought me a lot on their digital marketing skills that helped them reach these heights. All together Pokemon Go is a game that keeps us engaged, it makes us travel, also keeps us excited all the time. I hope that everyone who hasn’t played this game to download it and start playing it in the safe manner.

“Now it’s your turn to get your hands on the Game and start sharing your experience as a Gamer”

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