Teenage boxing sensation ambitions for knockout Olympics

U.S.A.’s Bantamweight boxer Shakur Stevenson has loved rapid-fire junior title wins due to the fact that 2013 along with a gold medal at the young people Olympic Games. He’s lust 18, he now has his points of interested on first place at Rio 2016.


Teenage boxing sensation ambitions for knockout Olympics

“He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee” and he , Muhammed Ali , became a legend in the world of boxing. Many have emmulated him and it is heartening to see the interest youngsters are taking in the sport. Let me introduce you to a boy with a passion for boxing….. 18 year old Shakur stevenson of USA.
Shakur stevenson USA’s Banatamweight boxer has enjoyed his game and won title wins since the
Year 2013 which includes a gold medal the youth olympic games. Just 18, he now has his eye on a victory at the RIO Olympics 2016.undefeated in 23 international bouts shakur stevenson has earned titles and medals.He may be a boy of fewwords but his perfomance speaks volumes when hes in the ring. Being Americas first male boxer to have won a gold medal as well as youth world titles in the year 2014 at the Youth Olympic games.His perfomance was a testimony to youth power at its best. He qualified for the RIO oylmpics when he won the semifinals held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, defeating r Venezuela’s Jose Vicente Diaz Azocar at the Amerocan Olympic Qualification. He won a double whammy when he became a winner in the finals of the same event, defeating Alberto Ezekiel Melian of Argentina“It was a good time for me,” he says, going backto his experience at Nanjing where he beat home athlete LY Ping 3-0. “It was a fun tournament because I’d never been in an environment like that.”
Shakur’s story goes back to the day when his grandfather introduced him, then a five year old boy to the nuances of boxing. His family memebers supported him. Today, this 18 year old boxing prodigy , the eldest of nine siblings is convinced that his future is in the ring
Not one to take it easy or rest on his laurels, Shakur has even launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to help pay for his family to see him compete in Rio as his fights stretch over as many as 10 days. His determination and perseverance are his chief motivators…..
“I know that when I go there, it’s going to be better than anything I can imagine, in terms of the environment and everything,” he adds. “I expect it to be an amazing place, something like I’ve never seen before and I want to stay focused on what I do. I’m looking forward to winning a gold medal and doing it in front of all my family.”
lets all raise a toast to this determined young boy “good luck,Shakur . Continue to dream big but dontlet your dreams master you. Master your dreams for, as we all know,
“ life’s battle dont always go
to the stronger or faster man;
but sooner or later, the one who wins
Is the one who thinks he can “

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