Who invented Cricket?

Cricket has been a favourite game for many from kids to adults, but there are many who still don’t know who and how cricket was invented. They say that the game was invented in England and played there, those guys who say so are in for a twist as the history takes a strange turn on this game.

The Early periods:

Cricket was said to be originated in England, recently a historical records suggest that the game was 1st originated somewhere during the dark ages of Europe. However the origin of cricket is still unknown and there is no particular person to be pointed upon as cricket’s inventor. There are proof that the game was started somewhere in northern Europe before the Normans invaded England.

King Edward I:

There are certain sources that state to King Edward I as the game’s creator, as the first games were played in Kent during the 1300. These were documented in the households of King Edward I thus this makes him the inventor of the game? Still no clear answers as the next set of recorded match was played in Kent on 1646.

The Letter from France:

A letter to King Louis XI in 1478 by a young man named Estiavannet, the 1st known reference to cricket or criquet to be precise. This made everyone lose their belief that cricket was originated in England. The letter stated boules or balls and criquet, a wooden post played in a village of Liettres northern France. This made a strong proof that cricket was originated and played in France.

The Shepherds:

There is also was a saying from the historians as they believed that the game was mainly played by shepherds as they used sheep crooks as wickets. Does this mean that a shepherd invented the popular game called cricket and went out of fame. Still no clear answers from anyone, though there is a strong claim by historians that the game was originated in France it might be not a single person or it may have been invented by a shepherd any how the first games were played in Liettres Northern France.


History has always been confusing, with the little amount of information we know there can only be suggestions made but there is proof that cricket was first played somewhere in Northen France. The Modern cricket we know today is truly an English creation.

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